Applicant should sign authorization letter in favor of Anatolia Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd. at the time visa application submission to conduct verification of submitted supporting documents for visa purpose.

We are authorized by the Republic of Türkiye Embassy, Islamabad to conduct verification of all documents of each applicant and verification report will be submitted to the Embassy if an applicant´s supporting documents found imitated, altered, forged, bogus or fake.

Anatolia verification department will verify every individual applicant´s supporting documents from concerned issuing authorities like Financial institutions/Banks, Educational Institutions, Government Organizations, Semi-Government Organizations, Regulators, Associations, Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Councils, Anonymous bodies (Chamber of Commerce & industry, Small business and small trading Chamber of commerce industry and related Business Associations in Pakistan) Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, etc.

"This verification of the supporting documents will be conducted exclusively on behalf of the Republic of Türkiye Embassy, Islamabad without any risk or obligation / responsibility on part of Anatolia Travel Services (Private) Limited or any of its official".

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