We are offering you amazing and exciting "Umrah Transit Visa" services for the valued traveler’s intent to visit Türkiye for Tourism purpose while going to Saudi Arabia for Umrah Pilgrim.

Umrah Transit Visa validity is 3 months.

The duration of stay is maximum 7 days for Umrah Transit.

Umrah Transit Visa service is only valid for single transit.

Umrah Transit Visa service is only valid for Single Entry visa.

No, this visa is non-extendable.

First of all, you must possess a valid umrah visa. Secondly, you need to purchase confirmed return air ticket only from Turkish Airlines and you should apply for visa at least 30 days before your travel date. Please follow the documents checklist and guidelines which are available on our web link https://www.anatoliatravelservices.com/en/prepare-documents.html. Please prepare your documents accordingly and submit at your local Anatolia Visa Application Centers as per regional jurisdictions guidelines

Yes, applicants aged 12 years and above are required to appear in person for submission of documents and biometrics.

You need to buy confirmed return air ticket from the Turkish Airlines, just reservation is not acceptable.

Only Turkish Airlines confirmed /purchased return air ticket is valid and acceptable for Umrah Transit visa.

Applicants should apply at least 30 days before their travel date.

Travel Health Insurance Certificate amounting to coverage of 60.000 US Dollars which covers the period of stay in Türkiye also, including repatriation costs is compulsory. According to rules that is applicable from January 2023, Travel Heath Insurances should be for fixed durations for 3 months. Only Travel Health Insurances which are made in Anatolia Visa Application Centers across Pakistan will be accepted. No other insurances will be accepted.

The processing time for Umrah Transit visa is generally 30 days, which may vary. Therefore, we recommend you that you should apply at least 30 days before your travel date.

Please be informed that visa fee is exempted for "Umrah Transit" visa. However, service fee, insurance fee and applicable VAS (Value Added Services) fee as mentioned on our website, will be charged as Single Entry according to the exchange rate announced by the State Bank of Pakistan from the previous day. Please note that all fees and service charges are to be paid in cash PKR only.

Please note that all fees and service charges are non-refundable.

Please be informed that the Embassy/Consulates reserves the rights not to explain the reason of the refusal.

If your visa is refused by the Embassy/Consulates, then you can re-apply any time with relevant valid documents and all the applicable charges.

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