Since 15th August, 2023 Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given instructions to all Airlines that all passengers who have valid paper visa or residence permit of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus must get Türkiye Transit Visa first from Türkiye Embassy/Consulates at their home country otherwise, passengers will not be allowed and deported from Türkiye Airport.

Please visit our website and visit prepare documents page where you will find guidelines as well documents requirements checklist.

Yes, applicants aged 12 years and above are required to appear in person for submission of documents and biometrics.

14 days rule will apply for Türkiye Transit Visa for TRNC which means applicant Paper Visa / Residence Permit / Student Permit / Work Permit should be valid for at least 14 days from the date of submission at Anatolia.

You can apply personally at Anatolia Visa Application Centers only from your local regions from where you belong according to your CNIC.

Irrespective of the intent to return (date) your transit visa application will be considered for a "Multiple Entry Visa," only to avoid any relevant inconvenience at the immigration.

The processing time for Türkiye Transit Visa for the TRNC is typically a minimum of 2 weeks, though this may vary.

All visa fees, insurance fees, service fees, and VAS (Value Added Services) fees mentioned on our website, will be charged as multiple entries according to the exchange rate announced by the State Bank of Pakistan from the previous day. Please note that all fees and service charges are to be paid in cash PKR.

Please note that all fees and service charges are non-refundable.

Please be aware of that the Embassy/Consulates reserves the rights not to explain the reason of the refusal.

If your visa is refused by the Embassy/Consulates, then you can re-apply any time with fresh documents as well as with new fees and service charges.

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