Travel Health Insurance is must for any of your travel plans to protect you and your loved ones from any medical emergency during stay in Türkiye.

As per Embassy/Consulates instructions, Travel Heal Insurance coverage is required of USD Dollars 60.000 and period of stay in Türkiye and the repatriation costs as well.

Yes. Travel Health Insurance is only valid within the border of Republic of Türkiye, which ends unconditionally upon the exit from the borders of the Republic of Türkiye.

As per Embassy/Consulates instructions, effective 9th January, 2023 Türkiye Travel Health Insurance will be mandatory on the basis of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year only due to visa validity of respective months.  Travel Health Insurance available at Anatolia Visa Application Centers across Pakistan will only be accepted and any external / other insurance will not be accepted.

Please be informed that Türkiye Travel Health Insurance Regulations are revised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye Globally . As per new insurance regulations, an applicant has to own minimum 3 months insurance plan to cover any hospitalization for longer period in case of an accident / serious injury occurs during stay in Türkiye . The applicant's insurance should able to cover the whole treatment.

Please contact Emergency Assistance Centre number (from Pakistan) 00 90 850 252 04 04 and  (from Türkiye) 0850 252 04 04.

Please read the Travel Health Insurance policy in detail which you have received through a SMS from Anatolia.  It is mentioned in detail that what kind of medical treatments will be covered.

Please contact Emergency Assistance Centre number (from Pakistan) 0090 850 252 04 04 and  (from Türkiye) 0850 252 04 04.

The submission date of visa application will be the Travel Health Insurance start date.

Please be informed that applicants will get new Travel Health Insurance whenever they re-apply for Türkiye visa.

Please be informed that Travel Health Insurance is non-refundable.

Please be informed that family insurance plans are not offered, currently. We have standard Travel Health Insurance plan for each applicant.

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