Documents Preparation is very important according to your Visa category. Here under this page you will find different visa categories checklists issued by Türkiye Embassy / Consulates in Pakistan. All mandatory and conditional documents as well as undertaking are mentioned. Kindly read the checklist of your desired visa category carefully and then prepare your documents accordingly. As far as visa application form is concerned, Online Visa Application Form will be only filled at Anatolia Visa Application Centers as free of charge in accordance with the information given by the applicant.  

For the applicant who wishes to visit the Diplomatic Mission of the other countries in Türkiye , the application process will be completed only after the Diplomatic Missions / Universities / Institutions / Organization of the relevant Countries send direct confirmation on official email to Consulate official email address consulate ​​(Only applicable for Punjab official). Interview form is only mandatory for Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan resident. However, it is not required for Islamabad / Rawalpindi, KPK and AJK residence.

Please note for group visa application process, first of all you need to get prior approval from the Embassy (Through Anatolia) and Consulates (By yourself) and for that purpose, you need to send scanned documents soft copy on e-mail (not more) than 5 MB size) which includes Company Registration documents, Company Financial Documents, Company NTN, Company Tax Returns (Last 2 years) Chamber of Commerce Certificate (If applicable) an affidavit on stamp paper (Rs.1000) of Sponsorship from the Company owner / Signatory of the Company Bank Account (Only applicable for Punjab) request letter and director list both on company letter heads dully signed and stamped by the relevant authority.

(For employed persons the salary account original bank statement for 03 months time period, duly signed and stamped to be provided) However this is not mandatory for Sindh resident official.

Your Passport must be valid for minimum 180 days from the date of intended travel. For multiple Entry the validity has to be 365 days. Please make sure the passport is not damaged and minimum 2 blank pages are available at the time of submission.

Your valid passport for minimum 6 months (From the date of travel) Foreign passport holders must have at least one month valid visa and duration of stay in Pakistan from the date of submission at Anatolia Visa Application Center.

Two photographs with white background (5cm x 5cm). Clear Front pose without glasses (for Punjab in Particular) and sunglasses, veil, cap, turban (80% face - 20% body) Photoshop and shadowed pictures are not acceptable. 

Other mandatory and supporting documents mentioned on Embassy / Consulates checklist as per your desired visa category.

Please download "Travel History Form" from below link and bring original copy after completing your last 5 years travel details before coming to our Visa Application Center to save your precious time for submission of visa application process (Only applicable for Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan resident first).

Downloadable Documents

TRNC Transit Visa

  • Guidance for Transit Visa "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus":Click Here
  • "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" Transit Visa Checklist:Click Here

The Umrah Transit Visa

Work Visa Documents

Group Visa Application Forms

Visa Fees

Pakistan and Foreign nationals have to pay visa fee in cash only in Pakistani Rupees (PKR), according to the exchange rate of previous day announced by the State Bank of Pakistan. Following Visa Fees are non-refundable.

Visa Type Embassy Fee Foreign Embassy Fee
(NON-EU Passports)
Foreign Embassy Fee
(EU Passports)
Single Entry60 USD60 USD80 USD
Multiple Entry190 USD190 USD190 USD
single transit 60 USD60 USD80 USD
Double Transit 120 USD120 USD160 USD
working60 USD60 USD80 USD

Service Fees

Pakistan and Foreign nationals have to pay visa fee in cash only in Pakistani Rupees (PKR), according to the exchange rate of previous day announced by the State Bank of Pakistan. Following Service Fee is non-refundable. 

Service TypeAmount in Cash
Normal Application65 USD
VIP Application80 USD

**Above service fees are exclusive of GST.

VAS (Value Added Services) Fees

Pakistan and Foreign nationals have to pay service fee in cash only in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).Following VAS charges are non-refundable.

VASAmount in Cash


450 PKR

Scanning450 PKR
Photocopy50 PKR
photography2,500 PKR

Flight Reservation

1,800 PKR

Hotel Reservation

1,800 PKR


free of charge

**Above service charges are exclusive of GST.

Travel Insurance Fees

Pakistan and Foreign nationals have to pay visa fee in cash only in Pakistani Rupees (PKR), according to the exchange rate of previous day announced by the State Bank of Pakistan. Following Travel Insurance is non-refundable. 

InsuranceAmount in Cash
3 Months55 USD
6 Months75 USD
12 Months95 USD


As per instructions of the Embassy / Consulates of Republic of Türkiye, effective 09 January 2023 "Türkiye Incoming Travel Health Insurance" will be mandatory on the basis of 03 months,06 months and 1 year only."Travel Health Insurance" available at Anatolia Visa Application Centers across Pakistan will only be accepted and any external/other insurance will not be accepted. Visa Application Submission date would be the "Travel Health Insurance" Start date. 

Please be informed that "Travel Health Insurance" is also not changeable in affect to travel dates. "Travel Health Insurance" is valid within the borders of the Republic of Türkiye, which ends unconditionally upon exit from the borders of the Republic of Turkey.

Applicants will get new insurance whenever they re-apply for Türkiye visa.

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