Giresun: The Pearl Of The Black Sea

Renowned for its rich cuisine and enchanting copper works, Giresun is the city to have spread cherry across the world.

Giresun, the pearl of the Black Sea, is a lovely coastal city where the colours of blue and green embrace each other. You can see every shade of green and find the opportunity of becoming one with the nature in the valleys of Giresun. You can experience unforgettable moments while enjoying the sea washing the coastline of huge lengths. What is more, Giresun Island, the only island of Black Sea to which the history fans feel attracted due to its magnificent ruins, stands very near the shore.

Those who want to take a walk in lush greens in the fresh air breezing from the mountains are free to visit many valleys like Kümbet, Bektaş, Yavuzkemal and Sisdağı. During your visit, you can do camping, horse-riding and cycling. When you make your visit in spring or summer months, you can come by colourful festivals. Karagöl Mountains are ideal for trekkers where they can lose the track of time.

The peninsula on the northern part of Giresun attracts visitors with its nature and cultural riches. The castle crowning the peninsula is thought to have been built upon the order of Pharnakes I in the second century B.C. and is one of the most-visited monuments of the city. You can adore the magnificent landscape of Giresun as standing atop the peninsula.

Giresun is home to a very rich cuisine culture. Its pides (flat bread filled with minced meat), anchovy pastries as well as black cabbage dishes whet the appetite of all domestic and international tourists. If you happen to visit Giresun in July, you can relish the cherries as the homeland of cherries is Giresun. The Roman General Lucullus is thought to have brought the first cherry tree to Europe from Giresun. Then, the cherry found itself a great geography to grow popular. Giresun derives its name from the ancient city of Kerasus, the City of Cherries.

The craftsmen keep the traditional Giresun copper works alive and produce such handicrafts as samovars, trays, vases and sugar bowls. All these bewitchingly beautiful products that you may give to your beloved ones as a gift will remind you of your visit to Giresun.


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