Gocek: Paradise Out On The Turquoise Waters

Göcek is a historic spot right on the Mediterranean Sea. Historically, it was known as Kalimche and is believed to be right around where Icarus fell when he flew too close to the sun in the famous Greek myth. It was a harbour town then, and now it’s all the more so with 6 large marinas serving the yacht tourism in the region.

The town itself is small and quaint, with a walkable city center and loads of chic cafés, restaurants, and places to dine while looking out over the beauty of the Mediterranean.

Yachting paradise

It’s these marinas that Göcek is best known for. Surrounding the town are particularly notable coves and bays (as well all those islands!), all of which make it perfect for a trip out on the water before parking your yacht in the evening and going out on the town.

12 island tours

Boat tours around all 12 islands take you on a journey like no other, giving you the opportunity to spend the entire day surrounded by natural beauty. Surrounded by the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean, you can visit the quaint little villages nestled in the area´s lush forests. As the boat makes its way around the islands, you won´t just come face-to-face with history, but you´ll see the incredible emerald tones of the surrounding forests as they contrast with the deep turquoise waters of the sea.


28 March 2023 Tuesday Muğla Hava Durumu 13° / 6°


29 March 2023 Wednesday Muğla Hava Durumu / 2°


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31 March 2023 Friday Muğla Hava Durumu 14° / 2°


01 April 2023 Saturday Muğla Hava Durumu 13° / 6°

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