Step 1

When you arrive at the Visa Application Center with complete documentation, you will take a token and wait for your turn. Your token number is called to submit your visa application at the submission counter. During submission of visa application, you will be given an interview form to be filled manually (only applicable for Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan resident applicants).

Online Visa Application Form will be only filled at Anatolia Visa Application Centers as free of charge in accordance with the information given by the applicant

Each Applicant (18 years & above) has to fill interview form personally (will be given at Anatolia Visa Application Center during submission). Also, they need to fill Travel History form which is also available on our website (Both are only applicable for Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan applicants)

Step 2

After submission of your visa application, you will proceed to Biometrics booth for fingerprints and live photo. Applicants need to Fill in Biodata and sign the Biometric enrollment form at the time of Biometrics provided by the staff.

Step 3

After that, you will proceed to cash counter for payment of visa fee and Anatolia service charges in cash (PKR). Payment details are readily available on “Prepare documents Link” In the meantime, submission staff will complete online visa application form filling to be signed by each applicant.

Step 4

Pay cash for your visa and services fees at the cash counter and get payment stamped and signed receipt. Please retain this original payment receipt until you get back your passports/documents from the Visa Application Center. Please be informed that debit and credit cards are not acceptable. Only cash payment in PKR is accepted


Applicant should sign authorization letter in favor of Anatolia Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd at the time visa application submission to conduct verification of submitted supporting documents for visa purpose.

We are authorized by the Republic of Türkiye Embassy / Consulates to conduct verification of all documents of each applicant and verification report will be submitted to the Embassy if an applicant´s supporting documents found imitated, altered, forged, bogus or fake.

Anatolia verification department will verify every individual applicant´s supporting documents from concerned issuing authorities like Financial institutions/Banks, Educational Institutions, Government Organizations, Semi-Government Organizations, Regulators, Associations, Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Councils, Anonymous bodies (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Small business and small trading Chamber of Commerce and Industry and related Business Associations in Pakistan) Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, etc.

"This verification of the supporting documents will be conducted exclusively on behalf of the Republic of Türkiye Embassy / Consulates in Pakistan without any risk or obligation / responsibility on part of Anatolia Travel Services (Private) Limited or any of its official".

Note: Anatolia Travel Services does not give assurance regarding visa issuance or rejection. Also, Anatolia staff could not help you at any level for the issuance of visa. Therefore, please do not pay any extra charges other than computer generated (signed and stamped) Payment receipt.

Process Time

Republic of Türkiye Embassy / Consulates recommends the applicants to submit their applications at least one month before their travel date.

Effective Nov 2022 Applicants those who will apply their visa from Punjab province, their travel dates must be after 14 days from the date of submission of visa application at Anatolia Visa Application Centers located in Punjab. However, visa process time may vary.

Please do not purchase confirmed Air ticket and Hotel to apply for Türkiye visa until you get the visa except Transit purpose otherwise, Embassy / Consulates Republic of Türkiye and Anatolia Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd. will not be held responsible. Also, please note that no such urgent visa process or expedite visa process requests will be entertained neither by Embassy / Consulates Republic of Türkiye nor by Anatolia Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd. Therefore, please only provide Air ticket and Hotel reservation.

Note: If your visa application is refused by the Embassy / Consulate then you can re-apply after anytime with fresh documents as well as with new visa fee and service charges.

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